Poker bro accuses woman of cheating when she wins big hand

In this video, Robbi Jade Lew wins a hand against Garrett Adelstein, a self-described "math guy" who cannot believe it possible given the cards in play. He glares at her for minutes, increasingly angrily, and accuses her, without evidence, of cheating. She ultimately gave him his money back to get out of the situation.

As The New York Post puts it:

Adelstein had a 53 percent chance to win. At a slight disadvantage to Adelstein's actual hand, but holding nothing besides a jack-high, Lew astoundingly called the bet. The river brought nothing to help either side, and Lew won the hand with jack high, four kicker. It was such a bizarre call that Adelstein accused her of cheating. On the stream, Adelstein shot Lew a death glare, to which she responded, with a laugh, "You look like you want to kill me."

The announcer on the stream was saying that Adelstein would ordinarily congratulate an opponent for a "hero call" like the one Lew made, but that his glare was "literally the most disturbed look that I've ever seen Garrett give."

Poker is where losers build sandcastles with their egos, but this is too much. (That said, maybe Magnus Carlsen should be taking notes.)

If the poker bro seems familiar, it's because he was already famous once for being like this.