The importance of Roxy Music's 1982 album Avalon

When Avalon came out in 1982, I, as a big fan of Roxy Music 1.0, was frankly horrified (I had skipped over Flesh + Blood completely). But over time, as I got over the shock that this was the same band that made "Re-Make/Re-Model," "Virginia Plain," and "Ladytron," I begun to like and then love it.

I didn't see the band on their 50th Anniversary tour this year, but friends posting pics and videos sent me back down the Roxy rabbit hole. I've been listening to nothing else for the past few weeks. Watching live performances, where they're doing material from across their catalog, it all seems to fit together seamlessly now with no great jarring difference between Roxy 1.0 and 2.0.

In looking for a decent documentary on the band (and for me that's not the 2018 BBC docu), I found this Produce Like a Pro episode on Avalon. Besides covering the creation, recording, and impact of that particular important record, it offers a decent thumbnail history of the band and all of their recordings, line-ups, and solo projects.

Thumbnail: Inset of Avalon cover, Roxy Music, E.G. Records/Polydor