Homeowner threatened with fines for Black Lives Matter sign hanging inside her home

In Olympia, Washington, Shirley Pavao is facing fines from her homeowners association for displaying a Black Lives Matter sign… inside her home. She had previously hung the sign in her front window which prompted the HOA board to establish rules against such things. (Other neighbors reportedly had Trump and "thin blue line" signage visible but it was Pavao's sign that ostensibly led to the new policy.)

"The previous board wrote up a new rule limiting what people could have on their homes, the outside of their units, what you could have in your yard, what type of signs, nothing political, so I immediately removed my sign," Pavao said.

From KIRO:

She then placed the sign on her living room wall and that was the end of it until last week. She received another complaint from the board.

She received an email outlining how homes can't have signs or flags supporting or opposing political candidates, social movements, humanitarian causes or religious beliefs. And it applies to signs outside of the homes, as well as anything displaced from inside a window facing outside that can be seen from the roadway or neighboring units.

Pavao said she's appealing the violation.