MAGA man fights back tears when reminded of Rush Limbaugh (but thank gosh for Steve Bannon!)

While drinking the Kook-Aid at a Trump rally, two MAGA gents became nostalgic over last year's passing of Rush Limbaugh, to the point where one had to hold back tears (see video below).

It started when a Real America's Voice reporter reminisced about how, when Limbaugh died, "part of our soul was taken."

"Like a family member," the red-capped rally-goer concurred, admitting that he'd listened to the racist, conservative radio host — who helped pave the path to Trumpism — for 30 years.

"My last day of work was the day he died — it was a very emotional day for me," he continued, his voice breaking in half.

Fortunately, the gentleman was saved by the thought of none other than Steve Bannon, his "new Rush Limbaugh," as well as "the whole Real America Voice family." Thank god for manipulative authoritarians and their propagandist networks — he appreciates their "truth and honesty" as much as the next MAGA man does.

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