Monsterkabinett, an eccentric and essential Berlin offering

Those fresh to Berlin might look upon the €20-€400 pieces of the Berlin wall for sale opposite the Hard Rock Cafe at Checkpoint Charlie and despair. It may feel like an indication that you've arrived a decade too late. Dismal though that may be, I'm happy to report that you're wrong! Berlin has plenty of unexpected offerings, including an animatronic monster show called Monsterkabinet. 

Monsterkabinett is a Dead Chickens creation and is situated, fittingly, in Dead Chicken alley, deep beneath the earth. During open hours, your guide to the underworld will wear a black hat and cheerily bark at you for €10. If he's not there, wait for instructions from the docent guarding the gate. In the bowels of Berlin live several mechanical monstrosities, each with their own personalities and proclivities. One sings, one doesn't. One may bite. All are inventive and introduced to you by the most chipper psychopomp this side of the Styx.

Upsett that both the Monsterkabinet website and this article are vague? Get yourself a one-way ticket to Brandenburg Airport and see this unique spectacle for yourself.

 Bring cash for your passage. But know that inflation is world and underworld-wide. Two gold coins on the eyes just won't do it anymore.

Check the website for open hours.