OAN host enraged that M&M has added a "transgender" purple candy to their cast (video)

M&M's recently added a new character to their "spokescandy" lineup (see second video below), and it happens to be purple. Mind you, every other color of the rainbow is already represented by M&M's characters (not only does their cast already include red, orange, yellow, green and blue, but brown as well), so the company's inclusion of purple is a natural.

But conservative OAN host Dan Ball was highly displeased with the color, reducing himself to a schoolyard bully as he resorted to what he thought was a low-blow by calling the candy "transgender."

"M&M's, you know, the candy we all grew up eating? Well they released their brand new character in over a decade, and the brand new character is PURPLE M&M!" he shouted scornfully. "Which is supposed to represent inclusivity and acceptance." Oh, the dread of it all.

"I think it's a female character, but I'm pretty sure they haven't said," he continued. And then in a whisper, "Maybe it's transgender." Yeah, could be. Or maybe it's just a purple peanut and chocolate M&M.

Front page thumbnail image: M&M's ad (screengrab)