The strip club was closed, so three Indiana judges went to White Castle instead and got into a fight. Here's the footage.

Years after three circuit court judges got into a fight outside an Indianapolis White Castle after failing to get into a nearby strip club, footage of the brawl has finally been released.

A Marion County judge has released the full video of a brawl in which two Southern Indiana judges were wounded in a shooting outside a Downtown White Castle restaurant in 2019. The video was evidence in a grand jury and had been under seal for three years. The seal lifted because the last defendant facing criminal charges associated with the fight was found guilty last week. The video shows Clark County Circuit judges Brad Jacobs and Andrew Adams fighting with two other men in the fast food restaurant's parking lot about 3:30 a.m. May 1, 2019.

According to the earlier reports, the third judge, Sabrina Bell, had raised her middle finger to two men "yelling from a passing SUV" who then stopped their vehicle and got into it with the shitfaced jurists. The confrontation ended when Brandon Kaiser—the man found guilty last week—pulled a gun and shot two of the judges.

One interesting thing about the footage is that it shows that one of the judges was the first physical aggressor, and that the man who shot him was on the ground and had just been kicked in the face by him. For this, Justice Fighty received a suspended sentence for aggravated battery.

There's several minutes of fisticuffs before the handgun comes out, and no audio to show what might have been said, and one presumes an uphill struggle in court when your victims are judges, even if they were belligerent drunks.

Jacobs, a Republican, is the only one of the trio still on the Clark County bench. Adams, a Democrat, is no longer a judge, and Bell, a Republican, lost her primary and has other bigger things to worry about now.