Video compilation of animals being released back into the wild

Listen to your heart as you watch these videos of animals being released back into their natural habitat, freed from chains, precarious situations, and mean humans. Witness these extraordinary moments of inter-species solidarity.

Feel the emotions and chemicals circulate through your body as you witness June the tortoise after rehabilitation, swimming again for the first time. Or 1 million pigeons released in Portugal, a family of monkeys joining their friends in the trees, or a beautiful elephant whose chains are removed after years, and they meander back into the bush. Share in Snappy the penguin's happiness and June the tortoise's joy as they swim anew in the ocean. Then there are the videos of domesticized size animals that their humans have not taken care of well and left them in precarious and dangerous conditions while other humans come and free them.

These images and videos are found frequently on the inter-web, but this compilation provides a nice variety of species and habitats. So the next time you may find a lizard in your house or some larger animals, consider helping them out. And think, perhaps the animals in the zoo are not happy in a cage, no matter how much detail goes into creating a natural habitat.

Cheetahs, koalas, bears, beavers, seals, foxes, and bald eagles want to be free.