Trippy towering skyscraper with top floors that appear to hover may be built in San Francisco

This 62-story skyscraper with a trippy "floating" cube of top floors may be built in downtown San Francisco. If the new 640-foot-tall project for 620 Folsom street is approved, it will be the 7th tallest building in San Francisco.

The 54th floor would be entirely glass to give the illusion that the floors above are hovering. Of course, the effect mostly depends on keeping that floor completely empty, although it would be difficult to hide an elevator shaft and stairs. Anyway, from SFGate:

While the tower is supposed to help provide much-needed housing, it's not clear how much each unit would cost. If approved, it would offer 118 studio units, 118 one-bedroom units, 472 two-bedroom units and 118 three-bedroom units, though just 15% of them will be "very low income."

(Thanks, Nick Philip!)