Snakey Crocodile-Face was a 23-foot-long ancient serpentine sea monster hailed from Wyoming

Meet Snakey Crocodile-Face, a 23-foot-long ancient serpentine sea monster that was discovered in Wyoming. According to Newsweek:

The giant reptile is thought to have swum the seas more than 70 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Its name, Serpentisuchops, literally translates to "snakey crocodile-face," describing the creature's long, snakey neck and protruding, crocodile-like jaws.

The fossil was unearthed more than 25 years ago in a sulfuric patch of badlands in eastern Wyoming and donated to the Paleon Museum in Glenrock, where it has been studied. "Most of that time has been spent cleaning it and preparing it for scientific examination," Persons told Newsweek. Only now has the specimen been able to reveal its secrets.

The researchers believe that Serpentisuchops lived largely on a diet of small, quick-swimming prey, such as squid and tiny fish.

While Snakey Crocodile-Face is long gone, I like to believe its spirit lives on in Boaty McBoatface, another endearingly-named sea-faring entity. Long live Snakey Crocodile-Face!