Motivosity helps your employees work better

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The day-to-day life of the American office worker features a lot of the same themes: getting up early, sitting in traffic, scrolling through emails, scrolling through social media, killing time on Spotify, and waiting for lunch. It can be a droll, demoralizing cycle that wears down both the employee and the employer. If you think it's normal, check out this study that suggests that one disengaged employee can cost a company about $3,400 in lost productivity for every $10,000 they earn. 

To help tackle workplace motivation and community culture in the workplace head-on, consider a platform designed to meet challenges facing modern offices. Motivosity is employee engagement software that features several tools and systems that help employees feel more heard, more appreciated, and better equipped to work harder and produce more. Its methods work wonderfully for remote, hybrid, and in-person office structures. 

To understand how Motivosity works, it's best to begin with its four-pronged system that focuses on connection, recognition, leadership, and listening. Motivosity sets up companies with profiles, feeds, tools, and programs built on peer-to-peer recognition, open communication, rewards systems, and more data-driven methods. When 95 percent of a company's workforce gets involved in the Motivosity program, employee satisfaction figures rise by over 50 percent. 

Request a demo for Motivosity today and discover how it can help improve your team's productivity, morale, and workplace happiness. You can try out different tools that promote better connection and feedback processing. For example, with Motivosity's Listen tool, you can collect honest feedback — making your employees feel empowered and heard — with the use of anonymous eNPS surveys, and you can filter and analyze your results with intuitive report dashboards. 

One of Motivosity's more popular features, the Recognize tool utilizes a company-wide feed and recognition tool. With it, you can lift up co-workers and employees with public appreciation bonuses, shoutouts, and more. And by creating their own profiles and interest groups, workers can use Recognize to build and develop micro-communities. 

Impressively, Motivosity maintains a 4.8/5 star rating on GetApp, with nearly 900 reviews and counting. One five-star reviewer, Michelle W., wrote, "The best part is that it makes recognition easy, and keeps it relevant and fresh." 

Interested companies can request a demo and learn how the Motivosity platform works firsthand.