The OTHER 1960s psychedelic motorcycle rider movie

Remember this movie from the late 60s? The anti-hero takes a wild motorcycle ride in an adventure of self-discovery with psychedelic visions, free love, and a tragic ending?

No, not Easy Rider.

The Girl on a Motorcycle from 1968 (a year before Easy Rider!) had the distinction of being the first movie in the United States to get an X rating. Starring singer Marianne Faithfull as a young newlywed and French actor Alain Delon as her adulterous louche lover, the flick is a real product of its time, with now-extra-cringy sexist attitudes and rape-y action. The visuals are a fun 60's time capsule with mod styles (love her mod Courreges-ish motorcycle helmet!), trippy solarized fantasy footage, and an orgy of cheese fondue! 

I'll let you find the metaphor in the last scene…

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