A tribute to Korean artist Kim Jung Gi, dead at 47

We tend to use the word genius too liberally nowadays. Even when it's commonly associated with someone supremely talented, the word genius is usually still inapplicable. So when I say that the late Kim Jung Gi was undoubtedly an artistic genius, you'll understand that I'm not attempting engaging in hyperbole.

Gi's talent wasn't confined to the quality of his work but also the unparalleled method of creation behind his art. Whereas other artists use under structures and sketches across several drafts to create stunning pieces, Gi was able to draw sprawling and complete illustrations off the top of his head. Each image would be anatomically correct, with pitch-perfect perspective and staggering levels of detail. If you've never seen Gi in action, it's almost impossible to describe his proficiency.

Yesterday, the world of illustration was rocked when Kim Jung Gi's official Instagram announced artistic heavyweight passed away following a heart attack. So, as a tribute to the late great Kim Jung Gi, please take a look at his breathtaking ability in the video linked above.

Thumbnail image: Kim Jung Gi in a publicity photo, courtesy Superani US