Introducing Cheekmate, the wireless haptic communication system that kicks the competition in the butt!

In response to recent allegations of tournament chess cheating, our friends at Adafruit Industries decided to get cheeky with the news and demonstrate how one could put together a wireless haptic communication system to wear in your person. As you might imagine, their tutorial is full of inyourendos:

Social media is abuzz lately over the prospect of cheating in tournament strategy games. Is it happening? How is that possible with officials watching? Could there be a hidden receiver somewhere? What can be done to rectify this? These are probing questions!

We'll get to the bottom of this by making a simple one-way hidden communicator using Adafruit parts and the Adafruit IO service. Not for actual cheating, of course, that would be asinine…in brief, a stain on the sport…but to record for posterior whether this sort of backdoor intrusion is even plausible or just an internet myth.

If you'd like to take a crack at making your own Cheekmate, Adafruit has instructions and all of the hardware and software you need to get your buzz in… er… on.