'Pink Caftans on Parade' at Madonna Inn

Last Saturday, more than 70 members of the Aloha Caftan Society donned vintage pink caftans, and other choice midcentury aloha wear, and descended on California's kitschiest hotel, the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The members-only weekend getaway, called "Pink Caftans on Parade," found the fashionistas at the pink palace drinking pink cocktails (like Pink Clouds and Raspberry Gimlets), dining on the hotel's world-famous pink champagne cake, and, of course, posing for "pretty in pink" photo opps.

The group, born at Tiki Oasis, was founded by Sonia Clerc, Pilar Deer, and Nicole Pacheco who write that it's for "anyone who wants to slip on a Aloha caftan, pin a flower in their hair and start sipping a mai tai while dipping their toes in the pool or in the white sands of a tropical beach." Sign me up!

images: Sonia Clerc / used with permission