'Star Wars: Andor' week five sets up the next act

'Andor' is the best Star Wars content since the jump to live-action television, and the fifth installment proves that Disney can still tell a story when they aren't focused on selling you some merch.

This week we see two very different parenting pictures in the days of Palpatine's Empire. Mon Mothma's kid is a real teenager, and Syril Karn's mother, portrayed by the fantastic Kathryn Hunter, exhibits a lack of confidence in her son that may have contributed to his poor judgment back on Ferrix.

Mon Mothma's husband is one of the most insufferable a-holes in the Star War universe.

Andor and the Apple Dumpling Gang continue to do standard team-building bullshit, and we see that the Empire genuinely are the Nazis we've always been told the Empire is. Tattooing barcodes on juvenile detainees in addition to the Hugo Boss-inspired outfits.

This exposition-packed episode held almost nothing exciting, but we're set up for the big heist.