Biden on the GOP asking for money: "I didn't know there were so many socialists in the Republican caucus"

President Biden had some sassy fun today as he outed hypocritical Republicans who called the bipartisan infrastructure bill "socialism" but were then eager to stick their paws in the kitty once it passed.

"A guy named Paul Gosar, he's written three separate letters to the administration asking for projects in his district. He says it would enhance the quality of life … boost the economy," Biden said, referencing a report by CNN on said hypocrites. Biden then leaned into the mic and, in his signature theatrical aside, whispered, "He voted against it. He said it was all socialism."

"Kentucky Representative Andy Barr," Biden continued, tattling on the GOP congressman for bashing the bill as 'The biggest socialist agenda!' but then putting "three different projects" on his wish list, "citing the importance of the safety and growth of his district."

"Rand Paul … Go down the list, look it up," Biden said, holding the CNN article up in the air. "I didn't know there were that many socialist Republicans," Biden deadpanned. "I gotta say, I was surprised to see so many socialists in the Republican caucus."