Justice Department demands Trump return more classified documents

Trump still has classified documents in his possession and must return them, the Justice Department demands.

In numerous court filings, prosecutors indicated they had concerns that classified records were possibly still missing. For instance, the Justice Department described the need to determine if other classified records still hadn't been collected, and pointed to the empty envelopes with classified banners that were seized in the August Mar-a-Lago search. …

Late last week, the Biden administration was tight-lipped on whether Trump had turned over all of the records.

"With respect to the second issue concerning whether former President Trump has surrendered all presidential records, we respectfully refer you to the Department of Justice in light of its ongoing investigation," the National Archives told the House Oversight Committee, which had raised the question.

That we've gotten this far and he hasn't even turned it all over is a big happy reminder that no-one involved thinks there will be any consequences for Trump beyond the millions of hours of media attention earned.