Republican talk show host is blunt about GOP stance on Herschel Walker: "We don't care what he did"

While talking about Georgia's Republican candidate Herschel Walker — who unsuccessfully tried to hide his ex-girlfriend's abortion that he paid for as well as his extra children — conservative talk show host Mike Crispi bluntly described how the "family values" party operates.

"We don't care what he did …" the former New Jersey 2022 congressional candidate said, explaining that Republicans are looking for a puppet rather than a leader who is "moral." (See video below.)

"Herschel Walker's going to be a rubber stamp 'yes' vote for the Trump agenda. Period." Honesty, integrity, and ethics be damned.

Too bad failed candidate Crispi — whose campaign adviser was Trump-pardoned felon Roger Stone — "failed to secure the stamp of approval from Trump" himself after pushing hard for the ex-president's endorsement. Because in the desperate GOP, nothing matters but the rubber stamp. Period.

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