Solar Opposites is getting a fifth season

Ever since Rick and Morty became a massive success on Adult Swim, there have been a host of imitators that aim to replicate the show's success. Similar to how Family Guy sparked a wave of raunchy, pop culture-referencing animated sitcoms in the mid-2000s, Rick and Morty became a modern blueprint of darkly funny adult cartoons with an improvisational edge. Even when shows couldn't ape Rick and Morty's trademark freeform dialogue, they tried mimicking the show's character designs. From Final Space to Inside Job– which are both fun shows in their own right- Rick and Morty's DNA can be found all over television. 

However, much like Family Guy and American Dad! both being Seth MacFarlane creations, it turns out that the best Rick and Morty doppelganger is creator Justin Roiland's side project in Hulu's Solar Opposites. According to Deadline, Solar Opposites has been greenlit for a fifth season of irreverent alien hijinks. 

Solar Opposites hasn't even begun its fourth season, and Hulu already is wanting more: The streamer announced today at New York Comic-Con that it has renewed the series for a fifth season. Season 4 of the comedy, composed of 12 episodes, won't debut until next year. Season 3 of the series premiered July 13, and the Halloween special Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special dropped on October 3.