The 93 KHJ YouTube channel is a groovy trip back to Los Angeles in the 1960s

KHJ was a popular AM radio station in Los Angeles in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was the flagship station of the "Boss Radio" format, which featured a tight playlist of contemporary hits. KHJ was home to many famous DJs, including Robert W. Morgan, Charlie Tuna, and "The Real" Don Steele. They were all known for their fast-paced, high-energy style of broadcasting.

The station's popularity began to decline in the mid-1970s, as tastes in music changed and the station's format became less relevant. By the early 1980s, KHJ became a country western station. Today it broadcasts Roman Catholic religious programming.

This YouTube channel has recordings of KHJ broadcasts during its heyday. If you saw Quentin Tarantino's film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," these recordings will sound familiar, as KHJ broadcast recordings were part of the film's soundtrack.

The recordings are also available on the Internet Archive.

And check out this incredible collection of KHJ promotional materials!

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