What a child's car seat looked like in the 1960s

These photos of a 1960's children's car seat would make most parents of today's age gasp in horror. The "car seat" is merely a rope harness that secures the child to the back of the car, while giving them free reign to stand, lay down, or sit however they please. Oh, how times have changed! 

From the Got Weird instagram account:

'In those early days, kids weren't necessarily safe even if they were strapped in while in the car. Here, a Volkswagen child harness advertisement from the early 1960s.

The ad reads:

"As every parent knows, a toddler is too squirmy to be held on the lap for long or to wear a conventional safety belt while riding in a car. And the hazards for an unattended toddler-passenger are too long to list, especially if mother is driving alone with the youngster.

In a Volkswagen this problem can be solved for about $2, in a way satisfactory to both parents and toddler. Solution is use of a harness set: the leash of a standard harness fits exactly when strapped around the upper section of a yolks back seat.

Leash is secured in the center around the backrest, then the harness strap attached. This allows the toddler to sit, stand or lie down. or move a short distance to either side, with the harness strap sliding up and down the leash with his movements."