Kanye West says he's going "Death Con 3" on Jews

After a week of fawning attention from Fox News over his "White Lives Matter" shirt, Kanye West embarked upon the weekend by saying Sean "Diddy" Combs was controlled by Jews. This plainly antisemitic statement kept him in the news, but few were willing to just say it was antisemitic, because that's not the story they want to tell about Kanye West's outbursts.

Instead, they wrote stories about how he was banned from Instagram, or that his Adidas sponsorship is under review, or that he is suffering a "social media backlash", or that he was personally welcomed back to Twitter after a two-year break by Elon Musk. "If there's one thing to call Kanye West, it's controversial!" led one major news outlet.

Now Kanye can post more things like this, in the understanding that whatever he says will be smoothed over into the normalizing mush of culture war coverage and celebrity social media drama.

The morning after:

The future is dark, and you're in it.