Woman hospitalized after pet dog unloads diarrhea into her mouth while she slept

Coventry Live reports that a 51-year-old woman woke to the realization that her pet Chihuahua had unloaded diarrhea in her mouth. She was soon 'violently ill' and ultimately hospitalized for three days with a gastrointestinal infection. She also took a selfie of her diarrhea-smeared face and shared it with news media. Feel free to Google it! I'm just posting a stock photo of a Chihuahua, thanks.

"My discharge note said that I'd suffered a gastrointestinal infection caused by a dog defecating in my mouth – something doctors had never witnessed before. I've been drinking two Lucozades a day, plenty of tea and loads of water since it happened, and I'm happy to say both me and Belle are on the mend." After feeling ill, she rang 111 before an ambulance was sent to her home. Paramedics gave her painkillers for her stomach cramps. She was also told to drink lots of water. However, her symptoms got progressively worse. Two days later, her cramps had spread across her whole body. She was taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary and put on a drip. Doctors diagnosed her with a gastrointestinal infection.