Lifehacker presents the 7 deadly sins of smoking weed as a beginner

It's easier than ever to acquire legal weed, and now that Biden has pardoned everyone convicted on federal charges for weed possession, weed might become decriminalized federally (unless the GOP intervenes). If you are thinking of trying weed for the first time (or if you haven't smoked weed for a decade or two), this Lifehacker list of the 7 deadly sins of smoking weed as a beginner is a must-read.

Some highlights:

  • "You can always smoke more, but you can never have smoked less. This applies especially to edibles."
  • If you're freaking out, "do not think, 'the weed must have been laced!' The weed wasn't laced."
  • Smoke weed "with people you know and trust. In fact, try to do everything with people you know and trust—it's the whole point of life."
  • "For some people who have never smoked anything before, inhaling can be difficult. If so, try this: When you draw smoke into your mouth, think "Oh my god, my kids just walked in!" The sharp "huh" intake of breath that would come with a small scare is how you should inhale."