This next-gen odor eliminator is here at a price you won't find on Amazon

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As winter approaches, it's becoming less and less appealing to crack open a window or go outside after an especially stinky lunch (some people would disagree it seems, but out of the scope). Yeah, tuna is a great idea in theory, but the poor execution has you on the company culture chopping block. R

id yourself from the chains of foul smells with this VentiFresh ECO PLUS: Next-Gen Odor Eliminator. To sweeten the pot, it's on sale as part of our version of Prime Day during Boing Boing's Deal Days event.

The VentiFresh ECO PLUS: Next-Gen Odor Eliminator is the key to having a lighter room free of odors and stink crowding your workspace. Inspired by NASA's use of photocatalyst technology in the International Space Station, natural photosynthesis does some sort of witchcraft (or, you know, science) and brings you the freshest of scents even the most sensitive of noses can give two nostrils up on. Beyond that, VentiFresh also uses UV-C light and UV-A light to create a less stale environment for all who inhabit it (even if it is just you and the cat).

Got a bit of a clutter problem? VentiFresh is incredibly compact for all spaces big and small like offices, itty bitty homes, and bedrooms, so things like countertops and desks are never cluttered by bulky air purifiers.

Having a room that is crisp fresh and ready to roll has never been easier. Just plug it in, attach the gel pad on the bottom, plug it in to stand by, and press again to switch between Quiet and Turbo mode. If you want an added layer of cleanliness for your space, you could also throw away that week-old fast food bag sitting in your garbage can.

Still need some reassurance? Ask the 719 backers on Indiegogo who raised $70,739 for the VentiFresh to give you a little helping hand, I'm sure they've got something to say.

Get the VentiFresh ECO PLUS: Next-Gen Odor Eliminator for $59.99 (Reg. $88). And, hey, if you're looking for more awesome deals during our Deal Days, check out a buttload of different steals here. Act fast, this sale is only going on until 10/12 at 11:59pm.

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