This smart watch is 14 devices in one — and right now, it's 75% off

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Yes, we like our smartphones and our laptops. But if you've ever seen somebody rock a smartwatch, you've probably thought: "Wow, that looks so much better." Not only does it do everything a smartphone does, it easily stays on your person (when was the last time somebody gasped in horror that they left their smartwatch in the Uber?) and offers fascinating data about your health activity, too. 

Right now, the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch is available at a jaw-dropping price you may not find again for a smartwatch: only $39.99, 75% off its usual price of $159. This awesome price comes courtesy of Deal Days, our alternative to Prime Days, which lasts through October 12 and offers sales on all kinds of hot items.

The thing we love about the Chronowatch is it basically does it all, as it acts more like 14 devices in one. It answers calls, sends messages, checks the weather, monitors your sleep, plays music, tracks your fitness, provides health info, takes photos, sets alarms, and more. Oh, and most importantly, it tells the time, too!

We also love the look of this device, as it's quite sleek and stylish. It's functional, too: The silicone band is super soft and very flexible, meaning it's so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it. Plus, it's reasonably waterproof (up to one meter of "brief immersion"), so you don't have to worry about weather or workout sweat.

Customers overwhelmingly praise the Chronowatch: "Pretty, just what I was looking for… Elegant, convenient size, it has the required functions for me," wrote one verified buyer, while another exclaimed, "I love my watch! It works great and has all the features I was looking for in a smartwatch without having to pay hundreds of dollars."

Get the Chronowatch C-Max Call Time Smartwatch now for $39.99. But make sure to hurry! Deal Days only last through October 12.

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