Watch: Trump posts humiliating video showing him as "king of the jungle… so big…so hot…"

Wanna-be king Donald Trump posted a ridiculous revenge video on his Truth Social account Monday night that was humiliating even for the ex-game show host. Set to footage of yesteryear, when the orange beast was still clawing his way through his short-lived presidency, is a voiceover of Christopher Walken's "lion speech" from the 2002 movie Poolhall Junkies, in which his character, Mike, is describing a nature documentary he saw.

"This lion, he's the king of the jungle… huge mane, he's so big, he's so hot," says Walken as we see Trump stepping out of a limo and waving to a supposed crowd. And it just gets more cringe-worthy from there, until the "lion" takes revenge on all the (Democratic) "jackals" and "hyenas" that had been "barking" and "laughing at him."

I haven't yet seen Poolhall Junkies, and now I fear a great scene has been scarred for life.

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