Alert, all DIY-lovers: This laser measure will upgrade all your projects for a low price

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DIY projects sound so fun when you first dream them up, but once you start them you realize just the smallest mistake will lead your project astray. You need the best tools to get the job done, which is why we love the MEAZOR, a six-in-one multifunction laser measure to take the most accurate floor plan scans possible.

Now, the MEAZOR 6-in-1 Multifunction Digital Laser Measure Tool is available for a better price than ever: Only $159.99, a 30% discount off its usual price of $229. That's better pricing than you'll find anywhere else on the web! It all comes courtesy of our alternative to Prime Days, Deal Days, a limited-time sale event running through October 12 and offering the top items of the season for amazing prices.

So, what can the MEAZOR do? Well, it has a 2D floor plan scan, which gives you measurements for floor plans in just seconds. The rolling measurer and the laser distance measurer ensure you get the most precise measurements possible up to 82 feet. Plus, it also can be used as a bubble level, a protractor, a curve scanner, and a pro laser!

We love that it can fulfill so many functions, but we also appreciate that it's sleek, lightweight, and easy to bring anywhere you go. It has a lengthy battery life — 16 hours straight on a single charge — and the touchscreen controls make it easy to operate. Plus, since it connects to the MEAZOR app, you can safely store all your measurements in one place. It's a dream tool for any DIY enthusiast, particularly around the holidays when decorating is in full swing.

Consider the reviews: The MEAZOR "removes the burden of thinking for dummies like me and offers complex floor planning without breaking a sweat," wrote one buyer in The Herald Scotland, describing it as perfect for "any budding DIY enthusiasts looking to get difficult jobs done in an accurate manner" and ultimately giving it 9 out of 10 stars.

Get the MEAZOR 6-in-1 Multifunction Digital Laser Measure Tool for only $159.99 now. But hurry! This price comes courtesy of Deal Days, which only run through October 12.

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