Apple intentionally made the green chat bubbles of Android text messages look gross

Apple's blue chat bubbles have an appealing contrast between the color and the white text. The green chat bubbles, which are reserved for messages sent to people who use Android phones, are less legible because the green provides poor contrast against the text, according to UX design Allen Hsu.

From his Medium article:

The blue Apple picked for the iMessage bubbles provides a better color contrast against the white text on it compared to the green Apple picked for the Android bubbles. In other words, since text is white, Apple picked a darker blue but a lighter green to purposefully make the iMessage text more readable.

To be clear, it is not that green is gross. It is the low color contrast of the green Apple picked and used against white text is gross.

Apple has no plans to bring iMessages to Android phones. "Buy your mom an iPhone," says Apple CEO Tim Cook.