Nick Clegg identified as Facebook executive accused of accepting bribe from OnlyFans to blacklist rival adult entertainers

Nick Clegg, Nicola Mendelsohn, and Cristian Perrella were identified in court papers as executives of Facebook (now Meta) who took bribes from OnlyFans to "blacklist" the accounts of adult entertainers who competed with it. Meta denies it, but as Dell Cameron writes for Gizmodo, the case now hinges "less on whether the allegations are false, and more on whether, even if true, the company would be legally liable."

Unnamed Meta employees were accused this February in an ongoing lawsuit of working under the table to secretly help OnlyFans by getting its competitors "blacklisted" online. The suit was filed in a San Francisco federal court by a group of adult online entertainers who've alleged Meta employees added their accounts and others linked to OnlyFans competitors to databases used by companies internationally to identify malware and accounts linked to terrorism. … The wire transfer documents, according to the plaintiffs, point to funds going to two trust accounts in the Philippines under Meta executives' names. A third account, the documents say, was opened in the name of a "high-ranking Facebook executive's young son."

To Britons, Clegg is a former deputy Prime Minister whose 2010 coalition government with the Conservative Party resulted in his own Liberal Democrat party losing 49 of its 57 seats at the next election—a parliamentary annihilation the party is barely recovering from more than a decade later.