In odd tribute, World Boxing Council makes a Queen Elizabeth II title belt

There's a long history of British boxing. England is the home of several of the greatest fighters in the history of the sweet science's storied existence. For starters, the current greatest heavyweight alive, Tyson Fury, hails from the UK. Even as the sport's global popularity took a hit-no pun intended- during the rise of mixed martial arts, Britain remained loyal and barely deviated from boxing.

So, having said all that, I'm not entirely sure why the post linked above seems so strange. Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, there has been a slew of odd tributes to the late royal. However, having the World Boxing Council create a special belt to honor the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II seems like the weirdest one of the bunch.

If you find the title and the concept appealing, you can watch the winner of Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall at the O2 Arena on October 15th win the belt.