Kevin Smith shares his views on Batman and Superman on the big screen

Kevin Smith has finally found his groove. By his own admission, he was never the most artful director in the business, but through his original spate of Viewaskew films, Smith found a devoted audience that couldn't get enough of his introspective brand of slacker humor. However, as the 90s drew to a close, Smith discovered his true calling as a cultural commentator of all things nerdy and cinematic. 

As an early adopter of the podcast format, Smith was able to build an empire while getting high and rhapsodizing about comics and pop culture. The dude even found a way to monetize his love of Batman with a podcast that interviews some of the greatest writers ever to grace the character.

In the video linked above from GQ's YouTube channel, Smith uses his knowledge of the DC comics universe to share his perspective on the cinematic versions of both Batman and Superman.