Meta announces $1500 headset for experiencing its vintage 3D teapot-tier "metaverse"

If you look at the image above and think "yes, I'd like to be there with Sega Virtua Zuck," Meta has a new product for you: the $1500 Quest Pro headset. Even the staid BBC cannot help but chill the VR aspirations of the company formerly known as Facebook:

The firm Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is betting its future on the creation of a metaverse – a virtual world in which people can both conduct their everyday lives, in the form of avatars, and explore fantasy virtual spaces. Meta's existing virtual reality world, Horizons, has received mixed reviews so far, and there have been reports of avatars carrying out violence and sexual assault within it.

More credibly, the high-end hardware can be used with specialized creative applications. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella "also announced that the office platform Windows 365 will be available on it."