Dr. Oz thinks increasing food prices is a good thing if it forces people to eat less meat (video)

About the same time that Dr. Oz launched the Dr. Oz Show, he also appeared at the Aspen Institute's Health Forum, where he promoted the idea that Americans would be a lot better off if we didn't subsidize farmers. One benefit: meat would be a helluva lot more expensive.

"If we did not subsidize the food in this country, a pound of meat would cost of $90…" he said (see video below). "It's probably important for us to start having higher prices for some foods so that people don't take advantage of subsidies that make foods that aren't ecologically sensible."

Of course, the crudité aficionado aired his stance on subsidies before he made a last-minute move from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to become the state's Republican Senate candidate. I have a hunch his views wouldn't go over too well with his meat 'n' potatoes voters in the Keystone State.

Front page thumbnail image: G Holland / shutterstock.com