Man with flamethrower attempts a citizen's arrest of teens attempting to toilet paper his house

Last week in Wisconsin, Baraboo High School junior John Beaudin and his pals set out to toilet paper the home of John Kolar whose daughter is reportedly Beaudin's school friend. But they claim that when they arrived, they spotted Kolar standing on his lawn in military garb wielding a blazing flamethrower. Beaudin attempted to retreat in his vehicle but Kolar's neighbors—William Bowden and Jim Langkamp, who is in fact the high school's athletic director—blocked the car. Four of the five students involved are Black and have said they believe the adults' response was racially motivated. From Madison365:

Travon Lawyer, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, and another teen in the back passenger side seat, opened their doors and fled. Langkamp briefly chased Lawyer, Lawyer said[…]

The boys say all three men were shining flashlights into their eyes, making it difficult for the boys to see. Kolar shouted at the boys to "shut the (expletive) engine off now," "put the keys where he (expletive) told you to, mother (expletive)," "get out of the (expletive) car" and "get on the (expletive) ground." Beaudin was "panicking" and struggled to put the car in park, turn it off and remove the keys. Ultimately he and Teflon Lee, who had been sitting on the passenger side rear seat, got out of the car and onto their knees with their hands up. (A neighbor's video is below.)

"I heard he'd been in the military so I wasn't sure what kind of authority he had over us," Lee said[…]

The boys say Kolar and Bowden both told them they were being "lawfully detained" in a "citizens arrest" until police arrived. Another neighbor claimed she had already called police; police say no such call had been made.

Citizen's arrests are not legal in Wisconsin, unless the citizen directly witnesses a felony[…]

Kolar's daughter emerged and implored her father to stop yelling and let the boys go. Ultimately, Langkamp told the boys to leave and not come back.

When police arrived, Kolar denied he had a flamethrower but refused to allow police to search his garage. The cops arrested Kolar, Langkamp, and Bowden but then did not charge the first two with anything. Bowden will be in court next month on a disorderly conduct citation. Members of the community are now calling for Langkamp to be fired from the school.