Supreme Court rejects Trump's appeal in Mar-A-Lago documents case

The Supreme Court has elected to remain uninvolved and rejected former President Trump's request to further muddy the waters and add delays to the investigation of the stolen documents. The DOJ has maintained that the 100 classified or otherwise secret documents should be treated as such. The Special Master and 11th Circuit agreed. However, Trump's Judge Cannon somehow got confused. Maybe Trump also marks his personal documents TOP SECRET with a black sharpie.


The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected an emergency request from former President Donald Trump to intervene in the dispute over classified documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate in August.

Trump had asked the justices to reverse a federal appeals court and allow a special master to review about 100 documents marked classified, a move that could have opened the door for his legal team to review the records and argue that they should be off limits to prosecutors in a criminal case.

But in a brief order, the court denied the request. There were no noted dissents.

For now, the documents will stay out of the reach of the special master.