A look at the influential music of Todd Rundgren

In this Produce Like A Pro episode, Warren looks at the music and widespread influence of Todd Rundgren.

Starting in the late 60s with The Naz, through his long solo career and impressive production resume (Badfinger, New York Dolls, Psychedelic Furs, XTC), Todd Rundgren has always been a musician's musician/songwriter's songwriter. His writing and multi-instrumental musicianship are second to none.

Sadly, perhaps due to his reputation for an outsized ego and being difficult to work with, and his penchant for treacle and excess (no John to temper his Paul), he never achieved the greater popularity that his talent so richly deserves.

Todd has a new album, Space Force, releasing today, Oct 14. It includes collaborations with the likes of Rivers Cuomo, Adrian Belew, Neil Finn, Sparks, and many others.