I bought a second set of Edifier 1700BT Bluetooth speakers

I love my Edifier 1700BT speakers. I added a second set because they are so good… and convenient.

The first set I bought back in 2019 live in my kitchen and is loud enough to be used as the sound source for hanging around in my adjacent garden. As I don't intend a full-force dance party to erupt out there, I am good to go. I can easily move the speakers if I want the dance party. For all music, news, and podcasts these speakers are wonderful.

A new laptop came with speakers that are less than OK for even standing around listening to streamed news reports, and so I found myself connecting to the Edifiers and working from my kitchen. The proximity to my espresso machine also may have played a part. I wanted to work from my office, so I purchased a second set. Easy peasy.

The speakers are surprisingly clean throughout their entire range. Any time I feel the sound is lacking, I simply turn them up a tiny bit and they always seem to power through. I doubt I have ever had them turned all the way up, but they are also plenty loud.

I far prefer the ease of use and convenience of BT speakers around my home. Not running wires is a real treat. The two sets pretty much cover 100% of the space I might want to be in, in my small home. I have tried a few BT syncing applications so-as to use both sets at the same time, but haven't been super happy yet getting the lag right. I'll keep trying.

Edifier 1700BT via Amazon