Mad at Ukraine, Musk takes ball and goes home

While he asked the US to pay for his heroically offering Starlink internet service to Ukraine over a month ago, Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk is blaming his recent Twitter tiff with their ambassador as his reason for yanking said access.

Daily Beast:

The truth is that his companies have been trying to wriggle off the hook for the multi-million dollar bill for months, according to a report by CNN.

News broke Thursday, that SpaceX was no longer going to pay for the satellite communications network, which has been crucial in allowing Ukraine to fight back against Putin's invasion.

When journalist Jason Jay Smart tweeted that the move came just days after a Ukrainian diplomat told him Musk "fuck off", Musk replied: "We're just following his recommendation," with a shrug emoji.

The previous tweet from the Ukraine ambassador to Germany came in response to Musk's apparent suggestion that Ukraine accept major territorial losses and become "neutral" in order to placate Putin and find a peaceful end to the invasion. "Fuck off is my very diplomatic reply to you," Andrij Melnyk wrote.

Image: screen grab