Meta VR upgrade preview may be "a motion captured lie", but at least meta-Zuckerberg now has legs

After much mockery of the legless, low-poly 3D teapot world that Meta touts as the metaverse, the company has promised upgrades and put out a preview featuring the less cartoonish vibe it will soon have—including legs. It turns out to be a pre-animated mockup, "a very weird video existing in a very weird space," as Kotaku put it, but at least it shows all that money's doing something.

I look at this and I think about the Fincher/Sorkin movie The Social Network, and how purely it represented an elite fantasy of an ideal American prodigy, an abstract creature of time and technology, of Serious Business and disruption, with no particular resemblance to the human being by the name Mark Zuckerberg.

Here, I've fixed it: