The trailer for Spirited presents a new spin on A Christmas Carol

It's tough to beat A Christmas Carol. The story has become permanently grafted to the winter season. Consequently, there are almost as many variants of the story as there are genres in fiction. The core components of the tale are so remarkably salient that any screenwriter worth their salt can garb the story in a modern outfit and trot on the airwaves without diminishing the story's central theme. From Scrooged to A Muppet's Christmas Carol and the Doctor Who version of the story- which is undoubtedly the best one- it's hard to find a version of the story that isn't an absolute banger. 

In the video linked above, Apple TV has apparently recruited the talents of Ryan Reynolds and Will Farrell to bring a modern retelling of Charles Dickens's Christmas classic in the upcoming Spirited. The trailer looks like the perfect intersection of charming humor and excitement that comprise a great family film.