Yep, there's finally an "invisible selfie stick" — and it's on sale for less than $60

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If you love to take videos and photos, you've undoubtedly been in a situation where you've propped your phone against literally anything you could find — a wall, a bag, a stack of books, what have you — in order to capture a good image. Of course, you've then likely been disappointed when the phone inevitably falls over or records at the wrong angle, ruining your dream video.

That's why we're so excited the 3-in-1 360-Degree Self Videographer with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control is on sale right now for only $59.99. That's 59% off its usual price of $149 — no coupons needed. It holds your phone in place, spins it around using AI-based facial recognition technology to track your movements, and records absolutely gorgeous videos.

But other than the low price, what exactly sets this device apart? Well, we love that we can film directly on our phone instead of springing for another pricey recording device. The built-in Autofocus camera ensures you're always getting a crisp, high-quality image, too. But in general, a 360 camera is such a great investment if you love creating content. As Forbes points out, it acts as "an invisible selfie stick," reframes the way your photos and videos look, offers stabilization, and more.

Other pluses: This videographer comes with a speaker so you can get high-quality voice recording, which will amplify your voice, as well as other sounds, which you can control up to 30 feet away with the remote control. Because there's no app to set up, it's easy for anyone to use. Best of all, it's sleek, lightweight, and rechargeable, so you can bring it with you anywhere! Whether you're recording content at home, heading to the beach, or traveling overseas, you can simply throw this device into your bag and go.

Change the way you take videos and get the 3-in-1 360-Degree Self Videographer with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control for only $59.99 now.

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