Gangs of New York is coming to television

Martin Scorsese's filmography is massive. Since his debut, Scorsese has created at least one classic film every decade. Although many believe The Departed to be Scorsese's best film of the 2000s, especially considering it snagged him that ever-elusive Oscar for best picture, one could easily make a strong case for Gangs of New York earning a similar level of acclaim. Gangs of New York boasts a litany of stellar performances, most notably from Daniel Day-Lewis as the charismatic villain Bill the Butcher, as well as some of the most stunning fight scenes in Scorsese's entire output. However, if Gangs of New York has been overlooked in the past, it seems that won't be a problem for the IP going forward. 

According to Deadline, there's a Gangs of New York television show in the works. Hopefully, the series will expound on some of the historical facts that the movie unfortunately omitted. 

A high-profile TV series project from Miramax Television based on Herbert Asbury's 1927 non-fiction book The Gangs of New York is about to hit the premium/streaming marketplace. Oscar winner Martin Scorsese, who directed the 2002 feature adaptation of the book, is attached to executive produce the potential series and direct the first two episodes. Details about the drama, from playwright/TV writer Brett Leonard (Shantaram), are sketchy but I hear this is a new take on the story with new characters that were not featured in the movie, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz.