Get a 4-piece pro gaming kit for 63% off

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If you're looking for some new PC gaming gear, we may have found it for you. Though gaming gear isn't required by law to look like it just left a rave, isn't it cool when it does? This four-in-one Pro Gaming Kit comes with a mouse, keyboard, headphones, and an anti-sliding mousepad, and they all look as good as they work. They're also on sale for 63% off, but only for a limited time. 

All you need to provide is the computer and the game 

As cool as this gaming setup looks, performance may be more important. Luckily, every part of this kit works great. 

The mouse has an optimized sensor with 1,000 DPI and key lifetime of 1 million clicks. Some gaming mice come with a ton of buttons on the sides that crowd where your hand is supposed to sit. In comparison, this one is streamlined and should be pretty comfortable. It only has three buttons including the clickable scroll wheel. 

This mouse connects directly to your PC through a USB port. That wired connection may feel old-fashioned, but if you're relying on a fast response time in a game, wired is still the way to go. Plus, the cable is nearly six feet long, so it's not like you're going to be lacking room to maneuver. And of course, it looks great with seven backlit LEDs. Pair the mouse with the anti-slip mousepad, and you've got a comfortable section of your gaming station ready. 

This full-sized 104-key gaming keyboard also has a super-long cable that plugs directly into your PC. Each key has an estimated lifetime of 3 million presses, which should last quite a while. Each key also has a soft cushioned connection, so they're super sensitive and very quiet. Some people may go for the loud clickety clackety keys, but if you're gaming in a shared space, this is a quieter alternative that still works great. 

Though they might not have many pleasant things to say, online gaming practically requires a good headset. And maybe you also want to privately enjoy a game's soundtrack. With that in mind, try out these HD headphones with 40mm drivers and a noise-reducing boom mic. 

A full set of awesome-looking gaming gear

For a limited time, get this four-piece Pro Gaming Kit including a mouse, keyboard, headphones, and mousepad for 63% off. 

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