"I'm a Cop" is a classic horror comic using real-life quotes from police departments

Here's how creator Johnny Damm explains the project:

Can policing be reformed? How do cops view themselves and their work? To tackle these questions, "I'm a Cop" directly examines the words of police leaders themselves. Damm's innovative comics combine statements made by the heads of U.S. police unions and visual elements of 1950's horror comic books. "I'm a Cop" showcases the ghoulish psychology of policing and challenges reader to see the real-life horror in what the police have been telling us all along.

Damm also does a great interview with Welcome to Hell World's Luke O'Neil where he talks more in-depth about the project, including this great quote:

My focus here was primarily on their public statements. That they literally say these things for non-cops to tell us how we should think about policing. We know that violent crime is a tiny percentage of policing, but in terms of how they portray themselves, we're all monsters, the whole world is filled with monsters. And all they do is go out every day and hunt monsters. Is it a coincidence then that they keep killing unarmed people? It's the whole toxic mentality which is the basis of policing.

You buy the 80-page I'm a Cop! comic book via Johnny Damm's webstore. It'll cost you $10.40 with shipping, which is a helluva deal.

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All they do is go out every day and hunt monsters [Luke O'Neil / Welcome to Hell World]