Incredibly touching performance of "And Nothing is Forever" from The Cure's forthcoming album

On their current "Songs of a Lost World" tour, The Cure continue to debut songs from their long-anticipated next album, also to be called "Songs of a Lost World." In shows in Latvia and Finland they revealed "Alone" and "Endsong."

Last Monday, in Sweden, they performed a third song from the record, "And Nothing is Forever." And, I'm not crying, you're crying! Actually, Robert Smith is crying, with his back to the audience, wiping away tears during the long instrumental introduction. Simon even ambles over and gives him a tender reassurance on the back. Smith has been warning that this album would be brutal.

Years ago, I met a guy at an art opening who was a musician. He asked what kind of music I liked. I listed several bands I was currently listening to, including The Cure. He said, "Oh, you like that 'head in the oven' music." I've never forgotten that. Yes, yes I do. But yikes, this album might be the end-all of oven-beckoning siren songs (a fitting end to what is likely the band's swansong record).

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