Elon Musk tweets support for Kanye West, then deletes it

Mercurial rich man Elon Musk today posted a trollish image suggesting that he and now-outspoken antisemite Ye were in cahoots. But Ye is also in evident crisis and having his pockets run by grifter Candace Owens and her husband, the CEO of the failed social network that Ye today committed to buy at a price not short of the many millions. And Musk is, as his former business partner Peter Thiel suggested, a fraud—a man whose beliefs and actions are constantly subject to reconsideration by perverse incentives. And so, like a key investor's pledges or the Adidas sponsorship paying for America's latest nightmare, the tweet quietly disappeared.

UPDATE: Everyone made fun of him deleting it, so he had to repost a similar one to prove he isn't just reacting impulsively to things people say.