Kanye West to buy right-wing Twitter clone Parler

Fresh off his latest antisemitic rant Sunday and banned from the social networks where he has established a following, Ye is reportedly buying Parler, the Twitter clone established as a "free speech" alternative to Twitter. In practice, Parler's been as arbitrary and eager a moderator of content as any other site, but its right-wing appeal now appeals to a man desperately in want of an audience.

Kanye West, the superstar rapper who has made several inflammatory and antisemitic comments in recent weeks, has agreed in principle to buy conservative social media platform Parler, the app's parent company said in a statement Monday.

Parler's price tag, while nothing on Twitter's, should be in the tens of millions (or even hundreds, if its claims of a growing active userbase are credible). So Elon Musk can welcome his friend to another level of hell.

People are arguing about Ye's mental health problems, the harmonization of his antisemitism with traditional far-right doctrine rather than the elaborate paranoia usually associated with bipolar or schizophrenic thinking, and so on.

The truth draws on these facts but is simpler and sadder than either: Ye is a sponge and he soaks in Candace Owens.