Residential tower ablaze in Russia after fighter jet crashes into it

An out-of-control Su-34 fighter jet crashed into a tower block in Yeysk, Russia, today, creating a massive fireball and a serious blaze. The pilot managed to eject and survived; local news reports at least 2 dead on the ground and dozens injured.

Russia's Defence Ministry said the plane, a Su-34 fighter bomber, was on a training flight when one of its engines caught fire. The pilots in the aircraft ejected before the crash, the ministry said. "According to a report from the pilots, who jettisoned from the plane, the reason for the crash was a fire in one of the engines during take-off," its statement said.

Russia claims the jet was on a training mission, but the size of the fireball and Yeysk's position facing Ukraine over the Taganrog Bay has war-watchers stroking their chins.